Sanitation & Recycling

The City of Weirton Sanitation / Recycling Department consists of 4 full time and 8 part time employees who are committed to providing the citizens of Weirton with the best refuse and recycling service possible.

Sanitation/ Refuse Collection Rates

The current charge for refuse collection in the City of Weirton:
  • $14.04 monthly flat rate
The charge will be included in conjunction with your monthly utility bill.

Sanitation/ Refuse Collection

Refuse collection for the disposal of ordinary household refuse takes place weekly.

Lawn Clippings & Yard Waste Collection

Lawn clippings and yard waste, properly disposed of, are also collected weekly, however, only on a seasonal basis.

How to prepare your lawn clippings and yard waste:
  • The materials must be presented in open containers.
  • Material will not be accepted in plastic bags or cardboard boxes.
  • Large branches and limbs will not be accepted.