Pet Tags

All dogs within the jurisdiction of the City of Weirton are required to wear a pet tag. Pet tags are governed by the West Virginia Commissioner of Agriculture and are issued by each County Assessor's Office.

Pet tags (licenses) must be issued each year and the licenses run from July 1 to June 30. The cost of each tag (license) is $3 and they can be purchased at the Assessor's Offices and some other locations.

The City of Weirton is a two-county municipality, so please contact your respective County Assessor's Office for issues regarding pet tags.

Brooke County Assessor's Office

Thomas A. Oughton, Assessor
Email Thomas A. Oughton

200 Courthouse Square
Wellsburg, WV 26070

Phone: 304-737-3667
Phone: 304-527-1131
Fax: 304-737-5126

Brooke County Assessor's Office Website

Hancock County Assessor's Office

Joseph M. Alongi, Assessor
P.O. Box 455
New Cumberland, WV 26047

Phone: 304-564-3311, ext. 293
Fax: 304-564-3415