WTC Title VI Procedure

The Weirton Transit Corporation is committed to policy of non-discrimination in the conduct of its business, including its Title VI responsibilities and to the delivery of equitable and accessible transportation services. Any person who believes that he or she has been subjected to discrimination under the Title VI on the basis of race, color or national origin may file a Title VI complaint with Weirton Transit Corporation within 180 days from the date of the alleged discrimination. Listed below are ways to file a complaint.

In Writing

Complaints may be filed with Weirton Transit Corporation in writing and may be addressed to:
Weirton Transit Corporation
200 Municipal Plaza
Weirton, WV 26062

Directly to the U. S Department of Transportation

A complainant may file a Title VI complaint with the U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Transit Administration's Office of Civil Rights, at:
1760 Market Street
Suite 500
Philadelphia, PA 19103-4124

Weirton Transit Corporation will provide appropriate assistance to complainant who is limited in the ability to communicate in English.

Title VI Complaint Process

All complaints will be investigated promptly. Once received, the complaint will be recorded in the database of WTC and assigned to an investigator. In instances where additional information is needed, the investigator will contact the complainant in writing. Failure of the complainant to provide the requested information by a certain date may result in the administrative closure of the complaint or a delay in the complain resolution.

Based upon receipt of all the information required, the Office of Civil Rights will investigate a Title VI complain within 90 days of receipt. The investigator will prepare a draft written response subject to review by Weirton Transit Corporation appointed Civil Rights Officer. The Civil Rights Officer (president of the board or appointed official) will make the final determination and approve the final response to the complainant, including notifying the complainant of his/her right to file a complaint externally.


The Office of Civil Rights will use its best efforts to respond to a Title VI complain within 90 calendar days of its receipt of such complaint. Receipt of additional relevant information and/or simultaneous filing of complaint with Weirton Transit Corporation and an external entity may expand the timing of the complain resolution.

When Different Languages are Needed

WTC, if requested will document describing WTC's Title VI Policy translated into languages other than English by calling 304-797-8597.