Pastor Gary C. Lilly's - Poem - Here's to You Weirton


By: Pastor Gary C. Lilly, 

City of steel and smoke and steeples. Your Main Street garnished with the memories  of fearless men with fists of iron - Shift-working, hard-hat wearing, Track-laying, crane running, bridge building, God-fearing, flag waving, freedom loving people. Looking up through orange glow and graphite skies to Weirton Heights and Marland Heights and seeing all the way to heaven. From King’s Creek to Weir Crest Keepers of the city gates filling busy shops and on occasion raising a hearty toast to better days and lasting friendships. Men and women of every calling  stopping by friendly restaurants to enjoy ethnic foods and lunch-time laughter. Families watching parades with marching bands and wide-eyed children dancing in the streets. Soldiers, saints, and some-time sinners, Brothers and sisters and sure-enough winners shoulder to shoulder chasing the future. With double shifts and Sunday School and early Mass and Friday night football and made-up stories at the all-night diner where the coffee was as strong as the men who drank it.  And here’s to the sounds of Weirton -Steam whistles, church bells, Train cars coupling, motors humming, Flat-bed trucks groaning under coils of steel made with sweat and pride. Homes along the avenues graced with families of faith and hope  and children playing and mothers praying. Tables warm with meals just made.  And around those tables worthy citizens of this city of  Labor, love, and lore. Grateful men and women strong enough to take on the world  and never give up till the job is done. Weirtonites- who’ve done more than make a living - They filled a city with glory and gave it life - And lit a flame that will never go out!